Competition procedures

The "World Biennials of Art Bookbinding" aim to promote the art of bookbinding through a contest held every 2 years.

The principle of the contest is simple : the association selects a book from French literature, has it printed on Arches Vellum and offers it in January of even years to both amateur and professional bookbinders all over the world.

Every participant has until May 15th of the following year to achieve the bookbinding of his/her choice. No constraint is imposed relating to the shapes, techniques and materials used, but the perfection of the realization will be the jury's key decision factor.

An international Jury of professionals attributes several prizes in cash, other awards are offered by official and private sponsors.

Each Biennial ends with the exhibition in September (odd years) of all the bindings presented to the Jury.

Awarding of prizes

As soon as we receive a binding, it is registered with a number (in chronological order) .

All the bindings are presented anonymously to the Jury and each juror selects 20 bindings, which are then gathered on a central table.

The jurors then give points to each pre-selected binding for each of the following criteria : quality of the realization, originality of the materials used, technical performance, consistency with the subject and overall aesthetics.

When we add all the points, we obtain the final score of each binding and the prizes will be awarded accordingly.

We proceed in the same way for the bookbinding schools after having re-assembled the bindings that had been pre-selected for an individual prize.

As for the prizes given by our sponsors: we show them the rest of the pre-selected bindings, but it may happen that they have a preference for another book and do not follow the opinion of the jury.

Only after the attribution of all the awards do we disclose the identity of the winners.