Regulation of the contest

Article 1
. The association "World Biennials of Art Bookbinding" organizes a contest of art bookbinding all odd years, using a book title chosen by it and especially printed to that effect.

Article 2. The association encourages professional and amateur bookbinders to enrol in the contest, by means of mailing or press reports in magazines. By enrolling in the contest, participants accept to conform to the regulations

Article 3. Enrolment in the contest entitles the participants to:

  • the postal consignment of one copy of the book (in sections),
  • the insertion into the contest’s catalogue,
  • the presentation of the binding during the exhibition,
  • the return of the book to the participant,  after the end of the exhibition.

Article 4. Only the participants whose binding is present at the exhibition recieve a free catalogue.

Article 5. The staff of the association reserves the right to accept or to refuse an enrolment without having to justify its decision.

Article 6. The association sets the theme of every contest and the amount of prizes assigned.

Article 7. Prizes are remitted in the respective laureates’ presence only. No prize consignment is done. In case of non-delivery, prizes remain the property of the association.

Article 8. The association nominates the Jury members. The Jury’s decisions are irrevocable. The other assigned prizes are of the goodwill of the donors, in presence of the members of the Jury.

Article 9. The staff of the association will examine any dispute and its decisions are irrevocable.

Article10. The Court of Justice of Versailles is competent to settle all litigation that would not have been solved amicably with the Office of the Association.   

The Chairwoman                                The Secretary